Saturday, January 5, 2008

Je suis ici

Where to begin!! Well first of all I was on a plane forever!!! From Minneapolis to Iceland was about 5 hours I think and then from Iceland to Paris was 3 more hours... I met a French couple on the plane from Minneapolis to Iceland and they said they would help me get to the train station and buy a ticket to Rouen (which was a bigger process than I thought).
When we landed at the Charles de Gaulle airport we had to take a shuttle to the first terminal I believe, and from there we bought our train tickets. Even though there was not a train that went from that terminal in Paris to Rouen I could still buy the ticket from there I just had to say where I wanted to get on the train. From here we could take a bus or taxi to the Saint-Lazare train station. We took a cab and the couple that I was following said I would just share a taxi with the guy because he was going right near there, I don't know where she went. We we got into the cab and when we got to his stop it was 40€ and against my will he paid for the whole thing!!! Since I got such a break I just had to pay the extra 10€ to get to the train station. Since I already bought my train ticket I just had to find my train which I arrived just in time.

When I got onto the train there were these two French guys with me, one went to school in Rouen like myself and the other worked. They assumed I came from London and were asking me about the boat ride!! I was so confused!!!!! About five minutes later we were all on the same page and we just laughed! We were just talking about whatever for the hour train ride to Rouen and they made fun of the way I said some words like "le bus". After getting off the train the guy who went to school with me helped me find a taxi and we shared it with one other guy and we all rode to campus which was another 10€ or 1,20€ on bus.
The taxi's were much easier with all of the luggage I was carrying but now I take the bus.

The first night was good I met Danielle, she is a friend of Louisa whom I went to Paris with last summer, and a bunch of her friends. I guess I slept through them waking me up in the morning to go shopping so I ventured the town by myself!! I met a Gabriel on the bus and she showed me around town!! If it wasn't for her I would still be looking for a grocery store now! She showed me a mall type thing with a store kinda like Carrefour ( Frenchie WalMart) but larger than Carrefour! I had to buy a little Frenchie wheelie stroller thing (everyone puts everything they buy in these things to save plastic bags)!! After dropping 200
€ I think I should be good for a very very long time! But I had to buy stuff like silverware, bowls and plates, food, a pot and a pan and the list goes on....I am meeting Danielle and the other girls for dinner downtown and then we are going out afterwards, it should be fun! Thats all I got for now! Until next time, Au revoir!!



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