Monday, January 14, 2008


Sunday January 13 our school had a little adventure to a place called Etretat on the north coast of Normandie. Our school has these trips a couple times a month, they are not mandatory but everyone goes, and if you do not sign up right away they will run out of room. The day started out very rough!
It was the day after my birthday and we all had to be at the bus at 9 a.m. At first we were all very skeptical and praying that this trip was going to be worth it which it turned out to be beautiful.

The land at the coast here just seems to drop and there are these huge cliff with paths going up and down them to climb to see an amazing view of the ocean or the town. It is windier the higher you climbed, obviously, so we had to be careful on which cliffs we wanted to go on otherwise you would fall hundreds of feet. In Europe there are not many safety railings on things like this and not many warning signs so it is pretty much go at your own risk. Once we got to the top it was totally worth the trip! The view was incredible!

There were two cliffs that you could climb and once we were done with the second one we were all ready for a croissants au chocolat!



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