Sunday, January 27, 2008

From Paris to Berlin....

Hello everyone! There was no class this week from Wednesday on so the girls and myself decided to take a little vacation from our busy schedules to Berlin, Germany. We figured that this was going to be an adventure of a lifetime considering none of us know German. We can all speak French well and as we found out there are so many things like "where is the bathroom" that we did not even know how to say, which made for very good signing!

We left Thursday morning for Paris to catch our flight. It was only about an hour and a half plane ride so we were in Berlin just in time for the night life.

We did not do too much the first night because we were all so tired from traveling all day. We went to this little restaurant across the street from our hostel and had some pizza and beer (you cant go to Germany and not drink beer with EVERY meal). There is a little bar downstairs in our hostel where we had another drink there, which was karaoke night amusingly enough.

Thursday we had HUGE day planned! We decided to take this day tour of Berlin. It was only
12 (about $18) and the tour ran from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. On the trip we saw the Berlin Wall, where Hitler's bunker was and where he was burnt, Fernsehturn t.v. tower, Reichstag Parliaement Building, Brandenburger Gates, Gendarmenmarkt and many many other things that I could not even list. There were countless pieces of art dedicated to victims from the Holocaust; Synagogues with police force 24 hours a day; prostitutes after 9 p.m. on most corners since it is legal in Germany (in their winter attire of course); Checkpoint Charley which my tour guide called "Disneyland Berlin" which is a museum dedicated to one of the checkpoints to get from East Berlin to West Berlin when the wall was still up; Topography of Terror which explained all the history of Nazi leaders, how they rose and fell and how they tortured victims of the Holocaust. Overall I would rate this tour as a nine and a half and would recommend it to anyone.

The last full day that we were in Berlin, Friday, we went to some of the sites that we just merely walked by in the tour that we wanted to see in more detail such as Checkpoint Charley Museum, Reichstag Parliament Building, The Berlin Wall and the Brandenburger Gates. It was a nice day to go at our own pace since there were eight of us that went to Berlin and two more that we met up with once we arrived.

Later Friday night we all went on a Pub Crawl. We all expected to get one drink at each bar we went to maybe going to like four bars or so but the night ended up being much more exciting than we had planned! We arrive to the square where we were meeting at and they greeting us with Vin Chaud (hot wine, which I have never heard of but it was really really good). We went to the first bar and we only got one free shot there but we each bought a few more. One our way to the next bar Ryan the guy in charge of the crawl passed around a bottle of Jagermeister and you just drank as much as you wanted to. Next we got to the second bar where we got another free drink plus it was buy one get one, so we all bought a couple and got a couple :). Here is where we made good friends with the Irish guys on the crawl with us and they bought us more drinks! After this bar I dont really remember much but I guess we went to two more bars and another club. I do remember Jocelyn dancing with a guy at the club who had grillz (gold plates on his teeth for those of you unaware of the term) and a pimp cup!! It was maybe the best moment of my life in Berlin!!!

Saturday morning, feeling 100% of course,we all went to lunch together at the "American Diner" because we were craving some burgers and fries. It was really exciting trying to read a menu in German, seeing that I know zero German.

From here we head back to Paris and back to our little home of Rouen. We all had a great time on the trip and hopefully we will be able to go back later on in the semester.

Bis später (see you later in German)



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