Thursday, January 17, 2008

First week of school!!!

My first week of school was very interesting! The process for adding and dropping classes is impossible so week one you go to your "classes" then the next week when you change things (you cant change your schedule until the Friday before classes at the earliest and all the first week, but you cant go unless you already have it) you go to your new classes so you missed the first sessions.
My advice to anyone would be to register for like 8 classes back in the states and just drop the ones you decide you don't want when you get here. It is so much easier to drop classes than to add classes. Most of the paperwork is done by hand so you don't know when a class opens up until a day or so later and you have to sign your "final" schedule at the end of the second week so that they know those are the classes you are taking.

My International Economics class was a real treat on Tuesday. My professor came started class about five minutes late (totally normal in France to show up to class when it starts or a few minutes after because it won't start on time). When he finally decided to start class he kicked two people out right away for talking! There were a couple students that tried to come in shortly after that but he would not let them in until the break because they were late and he would not tell them when break was. One student just added the class five minutes prior which was why he was late and when he brought back a counselor to explain to our professor why he was late our professor would still not let him in! And throughout the class he kicked out six more people, and that is not an exaggeration. All the students would just laugh though if they got kicked out.

My other classes are going well for the most part, other than my professor for my Fundamental of International and Corporate Strategy class, he seems to have a grudge against Americans just because American products seem to have more success than French products.

I am in level five out of six for my French class which I just decided to add Tuesday. I was not going to take it because it met Tuesday's and Thursday's and did not want any Thursday or Friday classes, but what can you do. I do not want to come back to the states with my French worse.

Next week Wednesday (23-1) seven girls and myself are leaving Paris, France for Berlin, Germany!!! We are all so excited!! We are going to go to the Holocaust museums, rent bikes to see the town, go to the aquarium and so many other things I can't think of right now. I will tell you more about that next week when we get back.

I am gone for now. I miss you all. Bisous!



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