Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paris for the day!

Since nobody was going to the eight hour French cram session we all decided why not go to Paris for the night, well Saturday morning to Sunday morning. We bought these student cards called "12-25", meaning for students from ages twelve to twenty five. It is basically a huge discount card! We went to Paris for nine euros each way, when normally it is around 19 each way! So just by using this card four times we get our money back.

Friday night, before Paris, we went to an Irish Pub in Rouen to just have a couple of drinks and chill. Well we get there and there is Karaoke! Of course, being the American girls that most of us are, we felt the need to sing "I will survive" and I am sure everyone at the bar LOVED IT! After singing a man approached our table asking us where we were from. After talking with him he told us that he thought we were French girls, until we sang. He was from North Carolina, where I was born, and his name was Kelly! Long story short he bought us a pitcher, which Katie tried to turn down cause we were going to Paris the next morning and she said we didn't need another one. After coming to her senses and all of us flabbergasted with her response we got the pitcher, of course, and told him we would see him again this next Tuesday. We agreed because he known no French and is here quit a bit for work and doesn't really know anyone, and he bought us a pitcher. On to Paris...

There were seven of us that went and we reserved two rooms in a "budget motel" on the east side of Paris. Since many of the girls have never been to Paris before we walked EVERYWHERE and saw EVERYTHING. We went to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Louvre, Sacre-Coeur Church, Notre Dame and the Latin quarter. It was basically a small taste of everything so when they go back they will know what they will want to go back to. Since I have already been it was nice NOT being a tourist and just being able to appreciate the sites.

Next to our hotel there was this AMAZING Chinese restaurant! Firs of all they were pretty cheap! Then after the meal, and dessert of course, we got warm towels to wash our hands off, and after that they gave us a FREE SHOT OF VODKA! It was the craziest shot glass ever too! When you look in it there is a little picture of man wearing very little and once you took the shot it disappeared! It was the craziest thing and when I filled it back up with some wine I had he came back. I am starting my search for a similar shot glass somewhere in France.

We got back today and all of us are so tired! After walking all of Paris we are saving out feet for Berlin on Wednesday.



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