Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Settled In!

It has been a week so far and it feels like I have known all the people I have met for months! We are all having so much fun together, exploring the city, venturing to new clubs, trying different euro wines. The girls and myself are planning for our Germany trip!! We have a 5 day weekend break in a couple of weeks and Germany was on the list. We are all a little nervous considering none of us speak a word of German.

It is amazing by just after a week how much our French has improved!! Not only are we becoming more cofident with speaking the language but we are also able to understand alot more. We met a group of like eight French guys here which helps with our French even more, except when they want to practice their English. Its really funny when they say stuff about other people in French because they don't think we can understand, but we do, so then they just try to talk really fast when they don't want us to know what they are saying.

This next week is our first real week of classes. Last week some classes started but I only had one but I am dropping it so I did not even bother going. I have heard both good and bad things about classes so far so we will have to see. The only bad thing about classes is that they are all atlesat two hours long which at nine in the morning is a little tiring.

Tonight we are all going out for my birthday, the big 21, even though my birthday is not til tomorrow! The guys said it should be like a week long celebration but we could condense into two days!
I'm off for now, I will write more when I have done something a little more excting for you all to read about. Take care!

Au revoir et grosse bisous!



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