Sunday, February 24, 2008

Florence, Rome, Brussles, Amsterdam and Copenhagen! IN ONE TRIP!!

I know it has been a while since I have written but I have been so busy traveling!! I had technically a week off of school but since I am in two different programs with two different breaks I decided to take two weeks off to see Europe!

I started in Italy to visit a couple of friends for a week and then I met up with some friends from Rouen in Brussels. In the second week we saw Brussels, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Italy was amazing and everything that I thought it would be! I learned to like tomatoes, I saw the statue of David, went to Cinque Terre and saw Rome in about 12 hours. I was really proud of myself how quickly I learned the city of Florence. I did most of the touring and site seeing by myself since Marge was in class a lot of the time, it was easily done though. I would recommend Italy to anyone!!

I was supposed to be in Rome for a few days but considering I didn't have a pin for my card I had no money and Rome with no money did not work out! I will have to save Rome for another day!

Brussels was good but totally not what I expected! They had amazing waffles (of course), great beer (a bar was in the record books with 2004 beers on the menu) and a little peeing man (Manneken Piss)! We saw the sights in about 2 hours, I am sure though that we must have missed a few, I hope. We did go to the Army museum though that had life size planes and tanks and stuff and you can to go to the top of the arch from here and see the whole city, FOR FREE!

Next on the list was Amsterdam! Now there is not much to say other than I LOVE AMSTERDAM! Not only did it have a good nightlife but the city is gorgeous! It's similar to Vienna with the river running through the whole city. The buildings are all so preserved and leaning a little, due to the fact that the city was built on a swamp. I think we were all a little blown away at first with the prostitutes hanging out in the windows of so many buildings but you get used to it. And we actually learned that they pay like 150
to rent the rooms for 8 hours, so they are just business women trying to feed their families, in most cases.

Copenhagen was last, but not least! This was another city that we were able to see in a day. We saw a lot but it was just monuments or buildings throughout the city that took about 5 minutes to see each thing. I am not really sure what museums Copenhagen had, other than a sex museum, but we did not go to any. There was a pretty good nightlife there but the Danish are not very nice people. We have heard from a lot of people that they are very rude to everyone! They don't say excuse me, they think they are the superior culture and everyone is below them. Honestly we did witness this a little bit. But the city was beautiful, just a little smaller than I thought.

So that about sums up my two week "vacance". I saw a lot, did a lot and now happy to be back home in Rouen, and not living in a suitcase! Ciao



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