Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well this is it, the flight to New York. It is extremely strange being on this flight considering I have been planning this trip for about a year now. My stay in Hawaii was fantastic! I am so lucky to be blessed with the friends and the family that I have, I don’t know what I would do without them. My days were filled with going to the beach, getting extremely way too sunburned, sipping mango margaritas, hiking, kayaking, entertaining the girls and just hanging out at my favorite house on the canal in Kailua.
There were definitely some things about the trip that were not so great as others ie puking and passing out with getting tattoos with Amy, but there were many others that I will never forget; pretty much coming up with a whole book series on Jungle Colby (you will have to ask the girls for details, by the end of the trip is was a little far stretched), telling boys “put your shirt back on”, eating so much food that it started to effect our touring schedule, playing pong and still never able to beat mom and Bird, and the list could go on forever! Thank you everyone for making my last few weeks in the states and enjoyable as ever and I will be back!

During my three-hour layover in LA, whoop whoop, I will be visiting with Eddy and Denise. They are only about an hour and a half from the airport so we thought we would take advantage of the short time that we would be able to see each other since they have been in California for a few years now.

I am arriving in Jamaica, NY about a day earlier than when we are supposed to be in NY because of flight conflicts. Since I am traveling from so far west there were no flights that would be able to get me there in a timely manner so I had to make the trip a day early, no worries.  I will need the extra day though to take my Wolof exam online. We were supposed to take it before we report to staging but I have been so busy with the girls and packing these last couple of days that I did not get a chance to look at it – oops. Those of us that are getting to NY early are going to meet up for breakfast on Monday before we need to report to staging,. I am really excited to be able to put a face with all of these names that I have been talking with on Facebook. The group that they organized for our class has been so helpful and its great to be able to ask the amount of questions that we did concerning packing and living situations.

More exciting reports to come, I promise! Thank you for reading, stay in touch, and feel free to email me anytime!! It’s always nice to hear what’s happening back home, wherever home may be.




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