Monday, March 26, 2012

8 Weeks and Counting!

Well it is officially eight weeks, as of tomorrow, until I ship off to Hawaii to visit with friends and family before I leave for Senegal. Time has absolutely FLOWN by, considering I have been waiting almost a year since I was nominated for this position.

I am still at a point of obliviousness when it comes to what I need to pack, where my orientation will be in the states and where my final placement will actually be in Senegal. With all of these questions still in my head it is hard to get nervous, since I still don’t actually know what to expect, and for the same reasons it is hard to get excited.

I have been attending RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) events here in Minneapolis to network and gain actual knowledge on what I am getting myself into and they have been helping a lot! I can actually say that I have a great time at them! I think the reason why I find these events so exciting is because I am meeting people that are, and were, in the same boat as I am. The returned volunteers are able to give great advice on my perceptions as to what to bring and what to expect. While the future volunteers are able to share there opinions on the application process and their packing lists. These are people that have similar passions as I do and a love for the world and travel that is hard to explain. To be able to be free, learn new languages and submerge yourself in foreign cultures – it’s exhilarating!

I have already started selling things in order to be better prepared once it gets closer to departure time. Thus far, things that are gone: big screen, smaller tv in my room, book shelf and record player with stereo, stand and records. Still a few things left but not too much, pretty proud of myself actually. It’s going to be great knowing that all of the stuff that I own will fit in two Rubbermaid containers. That may sound really strange to some people but I am telling you, it’s freeing.

I am so excited, and lucky, to be able to spend three weeks in Kailua with my parents before I leave!! I know they will come and visit me while I am serving but it’s going to be great being able to relax and do whatever I want before I get thrown in a different country and culture. Amy Waller and Laura Colby get to Hawaii a week after I do and they will be there for about a week! Amy is a pro already at Hawaii, since she visited Ben while he was here, so it will be nice to have someone else to show Colby the ropes!!

Off for now. Thanks for taking some time to read the adventures of my little world. Until next time!



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