Monday, May 26, 2008

A Week With My Girls!

After we all got back from the South of France Erica and Sarah still had a week with me between Paris and Rouen. Monday the 12th of May we spent in Paris. We tried to get a lot of the touristy things done but the ATM ate my card so we could not rent bikes. It sucked really bad cause we were all looking forward to seeing the city on bikes since it would have been cheaper and more time efficient.
We ended up walking most of our trip but there were a couple of places that we had to take the metro because it was too far. We toured some of the usual Paris sights: the Opera, the Seine, Eiffel Tower...

Tuesday we were going to go back into Paris but since I had class until later in the afternoon we decided to take the day to tour Rouen. We did the usual tour of downtown Rouen, the clock tower, the Seine and the Cathedral de Rouen. We walked around a little bit and ran into Catherine and a friend of Katie's that she was coincidently giving a tour of Rouen. We walked around a little bit with them and then headed to a cafe to have some mid afternoon drinks. After some good people watching in Vieux Marché we stopped at Monoprix and headed back to the wonderful Ango. We just chilled that night considering I had my corporate strategy test Wednesday morning. Morgan, Jocelyn and I all tried to study but the material was pretty straight forward so we called it a night.

Wednesday morning after my final we headed to Paris!!! The first thing on our agenda was heading to the BNP next to the Opéra to get my check card back. The next thing on our agenda was the Sacré Coeur. We hiked up the hill, viewed the church and then headed up to Montmartre to view the square where all the painters sell their art. I love it here. Every time I find it just as beautiful as the time before and someday I would love to buy some of the paintings, someday when I have more money. After Sacré Coeur we took the metro to the Champs Elysées where we toured one of the most famous streets in the world. At the end of the Champs Elysées rests the Arc de Triomphe. After walking around this area we headed back on the metro to the Eiffel Tower. By this time we only would have like 20 min. there because we did not have the train schedule and I did not want to miss the last train to Rouen, we would then be forced to stay in Paris for the night. Right when we were walking up the stairs the lights had about 10 seconds left and then they shut off before we had the chance to take any pictures. We walked over to the other side of the Eiffel Tower to get some pictures pinching the Eiffel Tower and what not. We took the metro to Saint Lazare and ran to the trains to find out that the next, and last, train wasn't leaving for another hour. We sat, read and just waited for our train, which was of course departing an hour late.

I had class at 3pm on Thursday so the morning we just hung out and watched a movie and such until I had class. After class the girls and me just wasted the day away cause they had to be n the 5:30am train on Friday. We watched Real World all night because I needed to get caught up on some episodes and we just chatted and caught up.

Of course and I set the alarm and it did not go off, though it was of no fault of the operator. Katie knocked on my door as she was going downstairs to wait for the cab. Her and Jess were leaving for Italy the same morning so they were going to share a cab and take the train together. Sarah and Erica got ready in about 2 min. and then I helped them bring their stuff downstairs just in time as the cab was pulling up. We said our quick goodbye's and before I knew it they were pulling away.

It was great having some of my favorite girls in France with me! We had a lot of laughs and a lot of memories that we will all remember forever! Love you two!



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