Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barcelona here we come!

After a long trip in Greece and one day in Rouen it was now time to go to Spain!! I was meeting 5 other girls in Barcelona (Cathy, Danielle, Katie, Lauren and Jocelyn). Driving into the city was an amazing site! The city was beautiful, right on the beach and the weather looked great. Little did I know we were in for rain.

I did not arrive at our hostel until dinner time on the 16th of April, just in time for the free meals our hostel provided. The first night we did not really know what we wanted to do so we just had a couple of drinks in our hostel, which just so happened to have CHEAP BEER. After leaving we ventured the town, and I am not really sure what we were looking for. We didn't really find anywhere to go out so we were just kind of roaming and getting to know the city. Some creepy guy came up to Katie and was talking to her and was making all of these fast movements like he was on something and come to find out, with Katie screaming at him, he was trying to pickpocket her. Well he was unsuccessful and with this we decided to go back to the room and call it a night.

The next day, April 17th, we woke up to rain! Of course our first instinct was to buy overpriced ponchos. We toured
La Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell (the site with the longest park bench in the world), many Gaudi buildings (La Pedrera).....

Our second full day we had in Barcelona......



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