Sunday, April 6, 2008


Katie, Jess, Kristen, Danielle and I all went to Switzerland the 27-30th of March. It was a great little weekend trip and we ended up seeing so much.

Katie, Jess, Kristen and I all took the overnight bus from Paris to Geneva. The bus is so much cheaper and it was nice because it saved us a lot of traveling time.

The only thing was, was that we had to sit two to a seat because the bus was pretty full so it was so hard to actually sleep! It was about a seven hour bus ride and I think I slept 4 hours at the most. Once we got to our hostel in Geneva we took a five hour nap until Danielle Arrived (she took the train because she had a Europass).

Our first day in Geneva we were all pretty hungry and so we decided to eat at a pizza place in town, the best margarita pizza ever! We toured the city a little bit; we saw the shooting water fountain thing (not a geyser like everyone says), the flower clock, Saint-Pierre church (we climbed to the top and there was a great view of the city)... (need to find out what we did after this)

Friday night we went out with a bunch of guys from England, who were 17! Yes it was an experience but some of them were surprisingly a good time. We went to a bar called Mister Mimoun Pub and it was beer fest so all the people working were in fun little outfits and there were live bands playing. The bar was great other than the fact that someone stole my camera so I did not have any of the pictures that I took all during the day on Friday!! It sucked a lot but there was nothing that I could do so there was no point in dwelling in something so stupid. I figured I would look on the bright side and I would get a nicer one when I got back to the states and I would just copy pictures from all the girls!

Our second day, the first full day in Geneva, was full of the unexpected, and possibly things that changed my view on life! We started off in the morning going to the UN (United Nations) one of the four headquarters in the world. We thought it was closed, after the tour guide ensured us it was open on Sundays, because you have to go in another entrance in the way back in order to get the tour. We ended up finding this entrance after we were at the International Red Cross Museum.

The Red Cross Museum was amazing! I learned so much about it that I just did not know! Obviously they help with not only wars but also natural disasters all throughout the world. I somehow thought it was run by countries and each country had their own Red Cross, or maybe I just had no clue how it existed. After going through the museum and learning that it was all started by a man from Switzerland named Henry Dunant. He was a witness in the Battle of Solferino in Italy on June 24th 1859 and ever since this event he just wanted something for all of mankind to go to in case of suffering, whether its in war or natural disasters. I just found a new respect for organizations such as the Red Cross and what they stand for. I am thinking about adding a major in International Relations International Political Economy and hopefully help out non profit organizations such as the Red Cross.

After the International Red Cross Museum we visited the United Nations and took a tour. The tour was great. I learned about all the different divisions within the UN and where a lot of them are stationed, New York. Just another reason to move to that amazing city! I think I would like the New York office better because this office was so old, I think it was built in the 60's and I think I would like something a little more modern. But you never know, we were there on a weekend so nobody was at work and it was a totally different vibe.

We left Geneva Sunday afternoon.....



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