Tuesday, April 1, 2008

France vs. England

Wednesday night (March 26th) in Paris there was a huge soccer game (football) with France vs. England. The game was much more fun than usual because first of all they are huge rivals and also David Beckham made a special appearance on the England team to represent his 100th game with England (well if he would not have transferred to the states it would have been his 100th game).

Our school was selling tickets to the game along with transportation to and from the game for less than what the stadium was selling tickets for! It only cost us
€35. We all took a bus down to the game which was so much fun because everyone had their "France Spirit."

When we arrived in Paris the streets were FULL with England fans! I guess they all took trains over to see Beckham play.

Are seats were in section A and once we arrived to the gate there were about 200 English men screaming to be let in the gates cause they were "missing the game" which has not even started yet. I was getting squished cause I am so short and I kept asking my friend Simon if the guards were letting anyone in. Well come to find out everyone is screaming cause the guards were actually not letting anyone in and that was unacceptable according to the massive crowd surrounding me. There were people yelling that they had children and to stop pushing and guys yelling "bloody hell" and "wankers" alot! We probably waited about five minutes until they started letting us in! It was pretty much every man for himself, which I took full advantage of. I finally got through the gate and all of a sudden I start coughing and sneezing and I was not sure why and everyone around me is doing the same. There is smoke covering the gates and about 8 policemen checking everyone behind me as they were coming through the gate. Come to find out they threw some sort of a gas bomb to settle the crowd down, which worked. It kind of sucked at the moment but I have never been gassed before so as stupid as this sounds, I didn't mind it. I turn around and Danielle was missing (4ft tall and allergic to almost everything)! She comes out about 20 seconds later and she was right in the middle of it! I felt bad cause she would be the person that got caught in the middle of it. After we rounded up everybody we decided to find our seats.

Since our seats were so cheap we are pretty high up, but you could still find players if you were looking for someone so it was not too bad. You could find Beckham really easily because of his bright yellow cleats, but it was impossible to find Poche!

The game was great! France ended up winning! And we had a nice peaceful nappy on the way home on the bus :)



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